Ely Duran

Case Study: Georgia Dept. of Transportation

Project Brief

The Georgia Department of Transportation was created in 1972 and employs over 3,000 professionals across 34 office. The current website is comprised of over 20,000 elements including pages, images, and documents. In the words of a Georgia resident:

There’s just too much information on there…

In pursuit of a more user-friendly interface, a report examining the current content against the business goals and user needs will be prepared. Based on the common grounds between business goals and user needs, the website has been divided into five segments:

  • Travel Center
  • Work with DOT
  • Projects
  • Programs
  • Get Involved

The approach streamlines the website’s current footprint, eliminating redundant links and pages to improve user access to desired content. Some section headings remain the same, but the content of each section will be revised to present the essentials, while some critical content (i.e., crash reporting, search) are brought to the forefront.

Further review of the site content revealed that certain text is reusable, with some adjustments to organization and a standardized method for entry and display. The website is largely written in approachable language, fitting for its diverse user base, and contains a healthy distribution of images and embedded video content.

Absent from the existing site was a clear path of navigation for users upon arrival. The report seeks to make recommendations that will remedy confusion and reduce time spent searching to increase time spent interacting.

Tools & Resources:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Unsplash.com
  • GeorgiaDOT.gov
  • Alexa.com
  • SEMrush.com
  • SimilarWeb.com