Ely Duran

User Workflow: Building in Bloomfield

Project Brief

Drawing on my experience in architecture, building code research is a critical challenge in project completion. The process of due diligence can take an extensive amount of time, so I started this process by thinking of how that could be improved for the professional industry. Once I started writing out user stories, I realized that this kind of access would also be beneficial to homeowners. 

After I defined a four-segment audience (architects, contractors, developers, and homeowners) I clarified what the overarching goal of the app would be:

  • Create a path for users to access to the information they need
  • Provide a platform for simple communication when clarification is needed

With those goals in mind, I mapped a workflow documenting the basic steps a user might take through the app before exiting.

Tools & Resources:

  • MS Publisher
  • Canva.com
A short introduction to the target audience.

The preliminary workflow for the Building in Bloomfield app.