My name is Ely (pronounced Ellie), and my relationship with web and graphic design extends back to the early playgrounds of GeoCities and Xanga!

I was born in the Dominican Republic, but grew up in New Jersey in a lively home of five. With two younger sisters trailing after my every step, I developed a love of storytelling at an early age. We’d spend our evenings tucked under the covers while I invented tales, combining television characters with books I’d read. As I grew up, that passion stayed with me and I began telling stories in a different way.

Through a combination of HTML/CSS library books and Microsoft Paint, my first website was a blog for my high school marching band, before I knew what a blog was. Afterwards, I kept an embarrassingly emotional journal of my arduous undergraduate experience in architecture school. Then came MySpace, and I think we’d all like to forget the ways we customized our profiles (“Blingee” gifs anyone?).

Though I’ve always nurtured a love for writing and graphics, I never chose to pursue either as a career. That began to change when I still found myself spending late nights working on “favors” eight years into a career in architecture. While I find my work satisfying and continue to learn every day, there’s always been an aspect of autonomy that was missing for me. I found that outlet through blogging, which I’ve done in many forms for over ten years. My latest blog was focused on helping busy women find a balance between career and self-care, but once I began this academic journey, my “spare time” suddenly disappeared.

On this website, you’ll find pieces of my education in the form of class blogs. In the future, I’ll be adding a portfolio section featuring some of my academic and extra-curricular projects.