Ely Duran


My name is Ely (pronounced Ellie), and my relationship with web and graphic design extends back to the early playgrounds of GeoCities and Xanga! I was born in the Dominican Republic, but grew up in New Jersey in a lively home of five.

I developed a love of storytelling at an early age, spending my time inventing tales for my sisters by mixing cartoon characters with books I’d read. As I grew up, that passion stayed with me and I began telling stories in a different way.

Through a combination of HTML/CSS library books and Microsoft Paint, my first website was a blog for my high school marching band, before I knew what a blog was. Afterwards, I kept an embarrassing journal of my arduous undergraduate experience in architecture school. Then came MySpace, followed years later by a string of blogs covering topics from fashion to interior design.

Though I’ve always nurtured a love for writing and graphics, I never chose to pursue either as a career. That began to change when I still found myself spending late nights working on “design favors” nine years into a career in architecture. While I find my work satisfying and continue to learn every day, there’s always been an aspect of autonomy that was missing for me. I found that outlet through my independent design projects and decided to support my interests with a formal education.

Now, in addition to designing logos, websites, and print media, I’m excited to offer an expanded skill set including audience research, information architecture, and social media strategy. My non-linear career has taught me that there is always a way to achieve a goal, even if it isn’t obvious.